Terms and Conditions

Two (2) Year of Brilliance Rewards will be deposited into your Brilliant Distinctions® Account immediately after membership purchase and every ninety (90) days for one (1) year from purchase date. Subject to the terms and conditions herein, these rewards can be used on any treatment or product in the Brilliant Distinctions® Portfolio. Rewards (a) are nontransferable and expire ninety (90) days after issue date; (b) cannot be applied to past transactions; (c) have no cash value; and (d) can be redeemed at any participating provider’s office.

Limit one (1) Year of Brilliance purchase per member. Rewards are nonrefundable and cannot be returned or canceled. Individuals who purchase the Year of Brilliance membership but decide they no longer wish to participate will continue to receive the quarterly deposit of rewards until the anniversary date of purchase.

Multiple Year of Brilliance Rewards cannot be used in the same transaction for the same product. Can redeem multiple Year of Brilliance Rewards if two (2) or more different products are purchased in the same transaction with one (1) reward being applied to each product. Year of Brilliance Rewards can be combined with standard Brilliant Distinctions® Rewards or offers. Cannot be combined with standard rebates. Each reward can be used on one product only and can be redeemed only once. If the transaction is less than the reward amount, the remaining value of the reward will be forfeited.

For full Brilliant Distinctions® Program details, as well as terms and conditions, please review our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.